Wednesday, November 10, 2010

By the rivers of Babylon

...where we sat down...
...when we remembered Zion...

"Babylon must be removed from one’s desires and passions before one can journey out from Babylon

These are things that are not easily quantified and observable, but Babylon is living life from a point of striving to be approved before God and man while Zion is resting in the life of the Son. Zion is a people of faith.

Give it a rest Cain. God doesn't want your sweat and your labor. He wants your faith. (...) But Man has a problem with faith. Man wants to trust in his own works to carry him through.

This is the difference between Babylon and Zion. Babylon is a land of works where man must accomplish every task and fulfill every mandate. Babylon knows nothing of rest and faith. Oh yes, Babylon speaks very much about faith, but it is a faith that is rooted in man’s ability. Babylon’s faith is founded upon man’s ability to envision some end and to see it through. Babylon is built with blueprints, and planning sessions, and organization, and fund drives, and pep rallies, and the sweat of untold men and women.

Zion, however, is not seeking to build anything of her own will and initiative. Zion is a people of faith. Zion knows that salvation is of the Lord, as is sanctification, and as is glorification. Zion does not labor to build a city, for she seeks a city not built with hands whose builder and maker is not man, but God. Zion does not seek to work for the approval of Yahweh, she works because she is approved by Yahweh. Zion is a city of rest. This does not mean that those who are of Zion are doing nothing it means that they are doing nothing of their own initiative. They are doing those works that God prepared beforehand for them. They are not dreaming up their own works, nor are they stretching out their hands to labor in fields to which they have not been sent."

In «The road from Babylon to Zion» by Joseph Herrin


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