Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Free will

"When you hire people to work for you, it is good to give them ownership of their work. Wise employers will give their employees all the tools they need to work with, will give clear instructions, and then let the employees own what they do. Own, in this case, means to take their work to heart and have the opportunity to do more even than they are asked. They can run with it. They can exceed expectations. Wise employers give their workers the opportunity to soar.

That is how My Heavenletter translators operate. No one stands over their shoulders. No one edits their work. There is no one around to do that, and that is a good thing because this way translators’ hearts can go full-blast. It is their prerogative. Having prerogatives is a good thing. It gives you a wide range. It gives you great opportunity for growth. You are not hemmed in. You can solo. You can take off in your airplane.

This is the same as how I give you free will. I give it. I don’t give you just a little bit of free will. I give you free will. You can soar with it. You can use your free will to make the world a more loving place, or you can take liberties with free will. It is your free will to do with as you choose. You can choose even weakness. That is your choice. You can choose neglect if you so will. You can choose to hurt others and yourself. You can choose anything you choose to choose.

Although all My children are entwined, you nevertheless can solo. Others can go higher than you or lower. You can choose right or left, up or down. You can choose havoc. You can choose blessing. You can choose havoc and blessing. It is up to you what you choose. You have free will. You have been given carte blanche.

You can choose from the menu as you wish. You can write in alternative menus. You can do anything you want. What you choose, beloveds, is your own reward. Of course, reward is not always even-steven. Nor is discomfort. Yet, given the long view, somewhere somehow it evens out. And there is always the expression: Virtue is its own reward. There is great merit in this expression. To do that which nourishes the world feels good. It is that simple. Nourishing the world feels better than catering to your single-minded ego.

By and large, choices made are their own reward or punishment. Your will garners a solid foundation, or it is based on flaunting ego. Of course, you can get away with lesser choices. The world has been doing that for a long time. Like a fugitive who has been getting away with murder, free will that takes advantage of others does not feel good. Even though the one who lowers the world gets off free, there is a shadow that follows him. His foundation is rickety. He has perhaps made a lesser choice for the assurance of some gain, and yet the gain is short-lived and not worth the price of choosing small.

Dissembling gains no honor. You may pretend to think well of a choice, yet you have a hollow victory. It has no substance. For a moment’s gain, you give up too much. You give up your heart of love. You give up your soul for a potage. Now your heart and life are to become one. Within yourself, free will and My Will become One and the Same. My Will exalts you, and you are exalted.

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