Saturday, January 22, 2011

Open your heart to love!

"God said:

A heart is soft and pliant. No heart is meant to be hardened, any more than bones are meant to be soft. What a price is paid to have a cold heart, a reckoning heart, a debilitated heart. Be advised to soften your heart, not harden it. Be advised to warm your heart, not cool it. What are hearts for but to love and love well?

If you have sewn your heart closed, remove the stitches now. Open that beautiful heart of yours. Open the avenues of your life on Earth this round. Let your heart bleed if you must. Get that circulation going. Let your heart be a whiz-bang of a heart. Let it be molten gold. Let your heart melt other hearts. Let your heart be a warming oven.

A heart that does not allow love is cold. In the matter of hearts, cold is cruel. Meanness means smallness. Be big-hearted. Be giant-hearted. Have the biggest heart in the world.

The Great Ones opened their hearts wide, and they let everyone in. If they could do it, you can do it. You can intend your heart to be the Statue of Liberty and welcome all to its shores. Why haven’t you already? What has stopped you? Some kind of reluctance, I suppose. Some kind of fear, I suppose. Better that you fear a closed heart over an open one. What a terrible thing to close a heart, yours or anyone else’s.

And have you not only closed your heart but also, in the process, closed other hearts as well?

Bear in mind that the Great Ones were not push-overs. They were not fools. Their great hearts did not lead them astray. Their great hearts led them more fully to Me. We had a mutual attraction, just as you and I do, only they walked right in My door. They did not even knock. They knew the welcome mat was out for them, as it is for you.

What is the difference between you and the Great Ones but that they dared, and you do not yet dare. You hold back. They did not hold back. They ventured forth. Somewhere in their lives, they made a decision to go forward, and then the arms of the Universe lifted them up higher and higher. I spoke through their open hearts. I spoke through their love. They were higher than the high, and yet they were not above the world. They lived in it. They enacted My dreams. They walked the Earth for Me.

For whom do you walk the Earth?
What are you afraid of, little lambs?

Come walk the Earth in My Name. Come walk the Earth with Me. Follow Me, and others will follow you right to My door.

Enter My heart, beloveds, and claim what is yours. Is there something else you must do? Where am I in your list of priorities? Just a little opening of your heart lets Me and the Universe and every soul on Earth deep into your heart where everything is possible.

As you open your heart, you open the veil that has kept the extant world in dimness. Enough dimming the light. Enough darkness. Open to a world of all possibilities.

It is even possible that you are My True Love, and I am Yours. It is more than possible. It is inevitable. We are betrothed, and it is inevitable that Our banns will be announced. It is inevitable that We shall become One in your reality, beloveds, right where you are right now. For the love of God, you are Mine, and I am Yours, and there is nothing more to be. We are Greatness, and you have come to Earth for My sake."



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