Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Light of Your Heart Plays on the Leaves

"God said:

My heart is bright sunlight. There is no dark forest of My heart, nor is there a dark forest of your heart. Sometimes clouds pass by your heart, that’s all. The so-called dark side of you is not Truth. The Truth is that your heart is lit by the sun. Your heart is bright sunlight. The light of your heart plays on the leaves.

What is buried is often called the dark side. Any darkness in a heart is an interloper. It does not belong there. It definitely does not belong there. Only warm bright melting love belongs in your heart. Your heart was made for naught else.

It is a hoax perpetuated on you that there is darkness housed in your heart. It may seem so. Tests may show so. Incidents in your life may show so, and yet, even so, the human heart is made of gold.

Some hearts get frozen mid-stream. They too can be melted. Let the sunshine of My love melt any and all hardened hearts. My love can undo the crustiness of any heart. Any barrier in your heart is a fake, yet fakes have more than once been believed in. Not a sliver of ice is to remain in your heart.

Underneath all the crust, your heart lies as warm as Mine. All hearts are created in the image of My heart. There is a flowing river of love in your heart just as there is in Mine. The floes of ice are leaving. Freezing is not permanent. It is temporary. Besides, freezing is illusory.

Your heart is meant to stay warm. Your heart is meant to be open and warm and to envelop all hearts. You are big-hearted. Your heart was never meant to close even a little bit.

Whatever may have contributed to the cooling down of your heart is a temporary freeze, and is there for you to thaw. Ice is no protection for you. Ice snaps and cracks. Warm your heart by the fire of My heart, and your heart will stay consistently warm.

Whatever closed the door of your heart, even a little bit, was an accident. It was not supposed to happen. Reverse this now. Open your heart. Open it wide. Whatever wrongs were committed against you were mistakes. You do not need to carry your or others’ mistakes with you. Step over mistakes, no matter whose they are, or kick them away, or stomp on them. These mistakes have to go. Erase them, or delete them. In any case, be done with them. Enough crackling of an innocent heart. Foreswear errors from now on. Anything that hurt your heart is an error.

Your heart is meant to open, and open it shall. You shall throw away any keys that have locked your heart. Unlock your heart, and then throw away the keys. They do you no good.

Opening your heart does you good. Opening your heart is the only cure for a hardened heart or a broken heart or a stuttering heart. No need to analyze. No need at all. No inquiry is necessary. Injury does not belong to you, and you must not keep it. Unsheathe your heart now. Shine it. Polish it. Secure your heart in its openness. A closed heart is not a happy heart, and your heart is meant to be happy.Take off all the scarves you have worn. Take off those mittens from your heart. Unbutton any coats you have covered your heart with. Remove falseness. A cold heart is false. A warm heart is true.

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