Saturday, March 05, 2011

Wish Upon the Stars

"God said:

How beautiful you are. Even in your dismay and questioning, you are beautiful. You are a quantity unknown to yourself. You deny knowledge of yourself. You deny knowledge of Our One Self, and yet you do know, and yet you scurry around on Earth. You pace back and forth. Your mind paces back and forth. You are unsure of yourself. You don’t know who you are. You look to the stars and wish upon them. You wish upon yourself. You see My bright light and don’t know that the same light is yours. You plead ignorance.

What responsibility are you hesitant of? If you were to recognize your light in the stars, what are you afraid would happen to your inherent intrinsic light? Do you fear you would lose it? No, beloveds, you would have it. You do have it, and then you would know what you have and what you are. You are the Bright Light of God that shines and makes hearts dance.

Do you fear that shining your light is too much for your heart? Not at all. Your heart has been waiting to shine. Your heart has been longing to share its brightness. All your longings put into one are this: Your heart’s desire is to shine and shine and cover the Earth with the brightness of stars. Okay, sleep at night, and be the stars of God’s light shining by day and your light will mingle with the stars. You may think that is a dream, yet at night you do sparkle with the stars. Your attraction to stars tells you that you and the stars share a great inheritance of God’s light. You and the stars light up the world. You carry the world in your hearts, beloveds. You hold the world up in your light. You cradle the Earth in your light. You and the stars are the same.

Keep looking up at the stars. They are the night lights of the soul.

Light is very desirable to you. Why do you think your heart loves the panorama of sunrise and sunlight so much? In their beauty, you recognize yourself. You are the same display of light. You see and don’t see at the same time. Can you imagine the vista that is before Me every time I look at you? I never stop looking at you. I never stop seeing the beauty of your light. It fills My heart with wonder. Look what I have created. Look at My life’s work. You were no work at all. You were My pleasure. You are My delight. Think of it, you are derived from My light. You are spectacular. I do not exaggerate.

The difficulty with you is that you seemingly turn your light on, and you seemingly turn it off. Leave your light on. It is only in your mind that you can switch it off. When you experience what you call suffering, that is a signal to you that you have attempted to turn your light off. Turning light off cramps your heart. This is not your style. This is not the style of the human heart to hurt itself. It is an attempt, however, and this attempt you call suffering, as if it had been done to you, when it is you yourself who has pulled the switch on yourself.

Leave your heartlight on, and what you call suffering will not arise. It is the attempted closing of your heart that causes your heart to ache. You are the doorkeeper of your heart. Keep your heart open. Keep it open with the outpouring and in-pouring of your light of love. Do this in My Name.

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